Get Encouragement Delivered

Compiled by Amy Blevins

I asked 200 veteran homeschool moms what they would say to encourage another homeschool mom on the journey. 

This book is the beautiful response.  

“Amy Blevins has a heart to encourage moms in the most important task they face--raising children. Her book, Be Encouraged, is a breath of fresh air for tired and discouraged homeschool mamas. Each time you pull it out to read, you'll close the screen feeling like you've spent valuable time over coffee with nurturing friends. Be encouraged, friend!”

Danika Cooley -

"Be Encouraged" could not be more appropriately named. Amy speaks to moms from the heart and it comes shining through in her writing. If you are weary, fearful, or afraid that you may not be enough - run, don't walk, and grab a copy!

Kelli Becton -

Amy's "Be Encouraged" is just what a new (or seasoned!) homeschool mama needs. Hearing Truth from those who have "been there", causes us to remember that we can travel the road set before us with confidence and not fear. On those hard days when kids have zoned out, books are piled high, and the toddler got into the toilet water, AGAIN, grab this book, your coffee, and go hide in the closet until you remember that God's got this!

Anne Marie Gosnell -

With the challenges of homeschooling and parenting that we face every day, it's no wonder that sometimes we begin to feel weary and worn. Raising and educating our kids with excellence is a privilege and a challenge, to say the least. We need to hear that we're not alone and that someone understands! We need hope and refreshment! That's exactly what Amy Blevins provides in her book, Be Encouraged. If you need a hug and an encouraging word today, dear homeschool mama, this book is for you!

Tauna Meyer - Proverbial

A Word From The Author

“With six children, I understand the unique challenges moms face and love to share the tips, tricks and tools I've found to help you get the #momwin. You can do this Mom!